Monsoon in McLeod Ganj

The monsoon has come early to this portion of the Himalayas. This means a good amount of the day is wet and the treks up in the mountains are not worth doing. But it also means that the weather is full of drama: great banks of cloud rolling up the valley shrouding the hills as quickly as a curtain pulled across a window, thunder rumbling constantly like an animal up in the peaks as sheets of rain turn trickles into waterfalls. There are clear periods when the mountains are visible, clouds billowing up their flanks, and they are especially beautiful at sunset when they change colours. The mountains are the most beautiful things i have yet seen in India, even partially obscured as they are, and i want to go further north and see more.

I am also starting to feel restless. We have been here for 5 or so weeks now, the longest period we have stayed anywhere in India and with the rain, magnificent though the landscape is, there’s not much i feel like doing in terms of sight-seeing. With SG’s health at least on the food poisoning front improving, I’m feeling pulled towards Leh, a town in the midst of the mountains but I am still worried about the health risks involved.

Anyway, we’re going to be in McLeod Ganj for at least another two weeks, partly because of volunteer obligations as i have promised a month of english classes. These have been going well with the monks and i have taken the opportunity to brush up on my english grammar knowledge as well.

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