Telstra (2)

After reading a chain email today (which I normally dont do as for some reason my eyes glaze after I see lots of CAPS and the phrase ‘pass this on’). Nonetheless the source was good and the information confirmable.

Sensis (division of telstra of course) directory assistance line at 1234 which has been wondrously marketed and which probably has lots and lots of value added services charges 40c connection and 4c per second after that.

Telstra’s rather less publicized legislation mandated directory assistance line at 1223 has standard connection charges (ie the cost of a local call) and no timed charges after.

I called both this morning just to confirm.

Sensis had an operator pick up immediately, greet me very cheerfully in a way people who’ve been to lots of team building exercises do. He had a discernable Australian accent. He didnt say anything about the call costing me anything until I asked and he confirmed with a little giggle that it was true. Very sweet. I hung up as quickly as I could.

Telstra’s free directory service has the automated machine pickup which passed me on to an operator. The first pass through failed – I got a disconnect. The second call, pickup and pass through got me a polite operator again with an Australian accent (strange how those indian call centre types have ozzie accents these days). I asked if it costed me anything per second and she was shocked at the idea.

So there you go.

Wonder if it is the same call centre.