Teaching english

I’ve started teaching english in a monastery in town. It’s not a large class, i get about three to four students but their levels vary. Three are roughly around the intermediate level although they have different weaknesses and one is just around the beginner level – he can just about read and write although his comprehension level is not that high.

Anyway, it has been quite challenging and i am finding myself spending about 2-3 hours to prepare for a single hour of class. Much of this is actually reading up on English grammar myself and trying to find appropriate activities in class that can be stretched to cover both levels of students. That’s a challenge in itself. Plus i dont have desks or a whiteboard/blackboard (the classroom is a bedroom).

Working with tibetan monks however has been interesting and engaging. They are great people and good students and I do feel quite privilaged to have the access i do to their monastic lifestyles and to themselves as individuals. So the hours I spend preparing and marking pass quickly. I only hope that they are actually learning something from me.

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