Well, it seems most of the media has jumped on bandwagon now. Narry a day passes without some journalist trotting out a variant of an argument where multiculturalism = terrorist incubation cells = those damned wogs taking advantage of our natural easy-going egalitarian and entirely too tolerant and accepting nature.

Of course, none of them have the actual guts to say what should be done, what all proper Australians know should be done. So I’ve taken it on myself to articulate it for them. Given that multi-culturalism is an evil then the ultimate solution to terrorism of course is mono-culturalism:

1) All schools must follow a strict government controlled syllabus. So, no private or religious schools especially those strange ones where people wear funny clothing and use non-english languages. Some religious education to be allowed on weekends but that to be strictly vetted. (see below).

2) No religions except the government sanctioned versions where all religious leaders have to pass certain tests. All sermons recorded and vetted prior to being delivered. All religious tracts to be vetted. Anti-social religious tracts that could possibly lead to violence and attitudes considered un-Australian to be expunged.

3) No political parties or associations of any kind except government sanctioned ones where all members have to pass certain tests. All speeches recorded and vetted prior to being delivered. All political books and ideologies to be vetted. Anti-social tracts that could possibly lead to violence and attitudes considered un-Australian to be expunged.

4) No government funded cultural bodies or festivals (of course). A central bureau of National Culture to be established which distributes funding to properly vetted and government approved artists. Strict oversight on the work such artists produce.

5) All citizens to be able to speak English fluently – citizenship and first voter enrolments must sit a verbal English exam as well as a written one. Plus, citizens must pass a Civics exam (as set by the government) and demonstrate the proper adherence to democratic values. In short, if you cant speak English and don’t have the correct values, you don’t vote.

6) All media produced inside and outside of Australia and imported into the country to be vetted thoroughly. Anti-social and un-Australian media to be either banned or censored. Australian producers of un-Australian content to be considered un-Australian.

7) All Australians to participate in National Unity Cultural festivals. Appropriate expression of appreciation encouraged at all times.

8) All Australians to wear properly Australian clothing (as defined by the National Unity Cultural committee) and to refrain from using non-English languages in public as that may appear divisive. As well, the production of un-Australian food smells to be considered a violation of the Environmental Protection Act. Australians who do not look Australian encouraged to take up government funded plastic surgery (but this is optional of course as racism is an Un-Australian trait).

9) Un-Australian people which by definition includes people unappreciative of National Unity Cultural festivals and those who behave or think in an un-Australian fashion to be promptly deported from the country.

I could go on but I think you get the idea.