Anyone interested in writing a novel?

Anyone know anyone interested in writing one?

Here’s an opportunity to join a novel writing support group that’s just starting up. All genres welcome.

I propose the following guidelines:

1. Weekly check-in from all members

2. Posted work for comments should include a reader’s guide so readers know what the writer wants them to look at

3. Constructive criticism at all times

Tell your friends but I’m hoping to keep the group smallish (at most ten or so). I’m also thinking an off-line mailing list rather than an LJ community or yahoo group or whatever.

EDIT: I’ve just tested the LJ community functionality and it looks pretty damned good actually. The only quibble I had was whether entries could be locked so that only members could view it and seeing as that is possible, I’m pretty happy with it. Members do have the freedom to change their own entries to being world readable of course. Anyway the community is wg_novel for any interested.

EDIT2: Are there potential LJ copyright issues? Also, what about copyright protection in general?