Standing at my desk

Not my desk but the same model and similar setup.

I started standing at my desk some months ago after a bad bout of sciatica. That has since cleared up but given the studies showing that sitting too much is bad for your health even if you exercise, I’ve continued standing. On the whole, it has been great – I no longer feel sleepy after lunch and my back hasn’t hurt since. However, I’ve had to make a couple of adjustments with regard to standing posture and found the secret to that is to stand barefoot, keep my knees unlocked as long as possible and move frequently (which is quite easy as when you are standing your body just naturally jiggles and shifts a lot more, which is why I can sorta believe that standing 3 hours a day/year  = running 10 marathons a year).

Work noticing my jury-rigged standing desk decided to pay for a proper one – a Varidesk Pro Plus 36. This desk can be reasonably easily moved from sitting position to standing position. After a week of using it, I’m finding it great with the only caveat being that as the keyboard stand is not independently adjustable, the screens are still too low for me and I’ve had to add a couple of stands on top of the desk. But then, I’m almost 6’2″ so I guess that’s to be expected.

Adding the stands on top has started to edge the weight close to the recommended limit of 15.8 kilos which means that moving the desk from seated to standing position requires some force and a straight back. However, given that I spend just under 75% of my time standing at my desk (I have lots of seated meetings during the day), I don’t often move the thing.

Anyway, I certainly recommend standing and I especially recommend using a Varidesk.