I’ve just initiated an indefinate period of seperation from my near 6 year relationship.

Basically, I am tired.

I am tired of constantly battling and trying to work things out.

I am tired of sleepless nights, adrenaline rushes and healing just enough to be wounded again.

My existing relationship seems to be nothing more than an edifice of half-healed scars and every time something new occurs, all the old wounds reopen.

And there’s never any time to heal.

I give up.

What does this mean?

On the logistics side, I hope that my household arrangements will continue as they have.

On the emotional level, I am looking forward to a period of healing, stock taking, stability and eventually some peace. I am looking forward to becoming my own person a little more. It isnt going to be easy but at least I can see a possible destination that I can live with.