About this blog

This blog fulfills the following purposes:

  • it’s a way for people who know me very well but who live far away (or even nearby) to keep somewhat in touch with what’s happening in my life. I’d like to think that they can read between the lines of some of the more personal entries and get a bit more out of it.
  • it’s a way for me to show people who dont know me very well a side of me that isnt quite so obvious outside of the written word and hopefully to see other facets of my life (as I live a fairly compartmentalised life) that they would otherwise not see.
  • it’s a personal soap-box from which i get to speak (or think outloud) relatively unchallenged about the occasional issue that grabs my attention.
  • it keeps my hand in writing and hence thinking and hence processing events.
  • and it’s my little bit of posterity for what it’s worth amongst the countless other people out there.

It has no theme.


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