I am tempted to make a poll but then, I vowed never to do one.

Anyway, when having discussions on the whole Iraq thing as to under what conditions would an Iraq invasion/intervention have been justified, I’ve received some interesting replies which I will now list:

Under no conditions as war is evil (man)
if the UN had agreed
if WMD (preferably nuclear) had been discovered
If a direct link to terrorism and AlQaida had been discovered
If Iraq had invaded us first (or been proven to order terrorists attacks)
if Saddam had been an evil dictator who slaughtered heaps of his own people
if it was Al Gore who was president instead of Bush and his dodgy oil company connections
if any Democrat had been president
If Ralph Nader had been president
If a coalition of Arabic countries had performed the intervention.
if a coalition of any countries so long as the US wasnt part of it had performed the intervention.
if Iraq had no oil whatsoever (or any other resources of value)
if there was no popular insurgency to kick out the US
if there was no insurgency made up of a combination of foreign jihadists and sunni factions killing American troops (and most everyone else)
if Saddam was an evil twisted bastard who had slaughtered scores of his own people
If it hadnt made the west larger terrorist targets
If Iraq becomes a peace-loving stable democracy and a beacon of liberal secular humanism in the Middle-East
If the entire Middle East becomes a peace-loving secular democratic region and joins the EU
If London hadnt been bombed
if the US would bloody do the same to Myanmar, Iran, North Korea and half of subsaharan Africa
Doesnt matter as the US are in now and are obliged to fix up the mess they’ve made
Doesnt matter so long as the US get out NOW (and damn the consequences)

Ok, I made some of them up myself.