I bought my PS3 3 years ago and in that time have only played 2 games on it with any amount of dedication or interest. The first was Journey which having set the bar so high is pretty much the reason why I haven’t been interested in many other games since. The other was 2D pixel-art open world platformer/miner/crafter/RPG mashup Terraria with some seriously addictive game mechanics.

2 years or so later, I finally got my hands on a discounted copy of Dishonoured and have been completely hooked since. Besides being set in a great looking steam-punk world, it’s the general ethos that is compelling. The game is designed so that you can choose violent or non-violent approaches without being limited to being one exclusively. So, for each mission, you can knock on the front door and slaughter everyone in your path to get to your objective or you can sneak in an open window and not touch or even be seen by anyone. Best yet, depending on how many people you slaughter, the city changes and becomes darker and more dangerous with the end game itself being different.

So far, most of the missions for me has been a blend of the two – I sneak as much as I can until I slip up and the alarms start to blare and after that, it’s a bit of a bloodbath. Makes for exciting play however and lots of freedom. Plus, there’s something really satisfying in sneaking up behind a guard while they are doing their rounds, choking them unconscious and then looking around for somewhere to hide their sleeping body.