Are gourmet burgers healthier than MacDonalds?

One of our favorite Friday night treats is to go to one of the numerous gourmet burger joints that have sprung up all over Melbourne and smash one of them down preferably with a side of chips and a beer. I’m not sure how many of you have eaten at MacDonald’s recently but if you have and you’ve also recently been to a gourmet burger place, you’re probably sharing my suspicions that the gourmet burger’s $16 double wagyu patty with two cheeses, garlic aioli and bacon is significantly less healthy than a $6 Big Mac.

Unfortunately, gourmet burger joints don’t generally publish the breakdown of fat, sugar, salt and kilojoules that Maccas does (probably for good reason). More to the point, they don’t then compare their artisanal bespoke locally sourced burgers with the evil arch’s mass produced and possibly chemically extruded patty in a bun.

However, there is a site that managed to source Grill’d burger stats and compare it to Maccas. Grill’d is now almost as evil and exploitative but back in the day, it was the first of the new trend of “healthier” burgers for people too ashamed to eat with a clown called Ronald.

Not surprisingly, a Grill’d burger doesn’t stack up well. It has more sugar, more salt, more kilojoules and less fat. In other words – more of the bad stuff and now that fat is back in, less of the good. It does have more protein though. And that’s for a Simply Grill’d burger which has a single patty with no additional cheese or bacon.

So next time you’re tempted by one of those fancy new bespoke artisanal burger places, you might do better to go to MacDonalds instead (or Hungry Jacks as the burgers are better there).