You are know you are a pet owner when …

… you can understand why a person would rather be homeless with their animal companion* than give them up and enter crisis accommodation.

While I dislike linking to the Herald Sun, there’s actually quite a good article about how Wesley Mission in Ringwood is valiantly trying to come to grips with the issue of newly homeless people having to choose between accommodation and their pets as well as caring for those pets. Boarding the pets somewhere while longer-term accommodation can be found is obviously extremely difficult for many.

The US / Canada has an actual charity that focuses on this Pets of the Homeless (with apparently a branch in Melbourne now) and yes, once upon a time I would have scoffed at this typical bleeding heart reaction to a very large complex issue but now having had Captain and Khaleesi in my life for about a year and a half, I have to say that I can completely understand.

The photo above is of a homeless musician named James and a stray cat he adopted and named Bob. It is now going to be a movie. I will certainly pay money to watch that.

And if the following photo doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, well, I guess you’re not a cat lover.

* also when you start referring to your pets as animal companions or furry housemates or just plain friend