Anyone interested in writing a novel?

Anyone know anyone interested in writing one?

Here’s an opportunity to join a novel writing support group that’s just starting up. All genres welcome.

I propose the following guidelines:

1. Weekly check-in from all members

2. Posted work for comments should include a reader’s guide so readers know what the writer wants them to look at

3. Constructive criticism at all times

Tell your friends but I’m hoping to keep the group smallish (at most ten or so). I’m also thinking an off-line mailing list rather than an LJ community or yahoo group or whatever.

EDIT: I’ve just tested the LJ community functionality and it looks pretty damned good actually. The only quibble I had was whether entries could be locked so that only members could view it and seeing as that is possible, I’m pretty happy with it. Members do have the freedom to change their own entries to being world readable of course. Anyway the community is wg_novel for any interested.

EDIT2: Are there potential LJ copyright issues? Also, what about copyright protection in general?



Around 4 years ago, I wrote a novel in the modern literary style. It was a rambly roadtrip pastiche of memory, time and all round earnest seriousness. I finished it in just under 2 months of obsessive 8 hour writing stints in Darwin’s state library overlooking the bay. I did two further drafts, made a couple of half hearted attempts to get it published, had a look at it a year or so later and decided that it required so much work, it would be better to write another entirely different one.

A couple of years later, I joined nanowrimo and in a month of obsessive keyboard pounding writing 2000 words a night for 30 days, produced ten chapters of grand space opera. Being grand space opera, the finished work would be roughly another 60 chapters. I didnt bother doing much more but to this day, I think it has more potential than my first mod-lit-fic work. At any rate, it was a lot more enjoyable to write.

I’m thinking of starting another novel. In fact, I’ve been thinking of another novel for the last three years and have two or three reasonably well worked out plotlines and themes.

The problem is not so much time or energy but will and the loneliness of writing when there’s a million other things out there I could be doing. What I need is a novel writing group – a small collection of other people who are writing, who can offer support, who are willing to read occasional bits of each others work. So, I’m having a poke around the net to see whether there’s any such group around.