New label to the same old poison

Like much of the Australian electorate, I like Malcolm Turnbull – he says the right things, he has a nice centrist economically and socially liberal viewpoint. He actually thinks the climate is changing and that we should do something about it. And he takes public transport. I also suspect that he has a sense of humor.

Unlike Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten, the fact that he is an actual human being as opposed to some politics model hubot is without a doubt.

However, just as the Coalition like to point out that the ALP will always be a tool of the union movement, the Coalition is always going to be a tool for various business lobbies. At this time, it appears that the coal industry has almost completely co-opted that party. The chances of Turnbull being able to do anything significant in that area is close to zero.

Until the Coalition shakes off its coal addiction, the government is going to keep dispensing the same ecocidal denialist poison it has been for the last 2 years.