Burning Man (kinda) Part 2

Not Burning Seed

I caught a glimpse of what Burning Seed was about during the final night when the Temple was burnt. As everyone sat down quietly to watch a small (if beautiful) structure go up in flames in which many had inscribed messages in the days before, I could almost see that mix of prayers, insults, jokes, well-wishes and general graffiti waft up with the smoke and embers. It wasn’t a bad metaphor of what happens in general to the loftiest ideals of transforming societies or cultures.

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Burning Man (kinda)

We’ll be packing up our van and heading almost 6 hours north to the Australian version of the famous Burning Man festival. It’s called Burning Seed and will go for around 6 days starting tomorrow. It has the same ten principles that Burning Man has and like all grand motherhood statements, it’s hard to tell what it all means until you see it in action. Given that Burning Seed has been going now for around 4 or 5 years, it should be stable enough to see how those principles translate to Australia especially as some of them are almost a given these days even if the practice is not as consistent as it should be (leave no trace for example).

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