The real monsoon in McLeod Ganj

Turns out what I thought was the monsoon arriving wasnt actually the monsoon arriving. Yesterday, at around 6pm, it started to rain in massive quantities such as I’d not seen anywhere outside of the tropics (including the top end of Australia). The difference was the length of time it rained. The heavens simply opened for four hours.

The other difference for me was the location. I’d never seen a monsoon in the mountains before and it made a difference. Roads, paths and small drains all turned into rivers. Walking down Jogibara Road to Lung-Ta japanese restaurant was incredible. Stones and rocks were actually tumbling down the road swept by the current. I was up to my calves in water at some stages and the force of the water (due to the incline of the road and the massive amounts) threatened at some points to sweep me off my feet.

This morning, signs of the storm were everywhere. Piles of small stones looking for all the world like river stones covered paths and collected in corners. Debris and garbage that had somehow not been swept down into the lowlands clustered here and there. But there didnt seem to have been much other damage. Even the small shacks were still standing.

I’m waiting for the next rain now and thinking that perhaps it wasnt so wise to choose a house at the bottom of 200 stairs that turn into cascading waterfalls when it rains.

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