Accumulating stress

the last few weeks have been stressful, not hugely stressful but enough that it has been building up. the combination of going through a busy period at work plus a house in complete renovation shambles means that i really havent had much time to relax.

my job as a project manager means that i need to at least try to keep on top of multiple tasks juggling the usual three balls of time, money and people. my house renovation project is not all that different. this means that i am effectively on the job most of the time (even though I do try not to be). Coming back home, which used to be a relaxing thing, is now about half completed tasks and reminders of the impact of each of those tasks on my budget.

Seeing that each additional expense means that I have less to travel on (or more time in Australia before leaving), I’ve been resenting every bit of renovation to the extent that I have frequent fantasies of selling the place and being rid of it – especially seeing that the mortgage repayments versus rental income equation adds uncertainty to my travel budget.

Strangely enough even though I know there’s not that much work left to do – maybe three elapsed weeks (10 effort days) of painting, that doesnt help on the emotional level. Small gains which were giving me quite a lot of joy three weeks ago now dont register. I’m pretty much over having an upside down house.

This could be because I’ve not done much. SG has been doing the majority of the painting and I’ve been feeling guilty about that but at the same time, working weeknights is just not happening. I have the weekends but I generally only end up working 8 hours or so. 1 effort day from me per week feels and is not only paltry but frustrating.

But it is slowly coming together. All i need to do is pull through the next 3 weeks.

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