White Victimhood / White Rights

Most of the Left’s responses to the white victimhood / white rights movement in my opinion, misses the mark. Going on about white privilege isnt helpful when the segment of the population that responds to the message are most likely to be poor and disenfranchised.

The Left should focus on what made it the Left in the first place: class. The message should go something like this:

“Poverty is color blind. Poor health, poor access to services, poor education – all of these things afflict every section of our society. And this includes large segments of the majority: white people. It may seem that the government has policies that favors non-white minorities, but this is untrue. The government has policies aimed at farmers: predominantly these are white people. The government has policies aimed at reducing gap between urban and regional communities: again these communities are predominantly white. A responsible government does not target policies based on identity or race alone – but on the problems and challenges that face a particular segment of our community. And that is always and will always be color blind.”