Aging rapidly

For a long time it seemed that I wasnt changing physically.

In the last year however since I hit my late forties, that changed starting with my eyesight. I can no longer read with my glasses on. I am short sighted and my optometrist said that while i would not need reading glasses, my eyes would no longer be able to cope with the corrective lenses. Just as well I never went down the contact lens path.

My hair has also decided to get whiter and whiter. It seems that I’m noticing more white every day. Being a guy, I can sorta pretend it makes me look more distinguished and wise but it’s still an adjustment.

More worryingly, I’ve noticed that my knees and occasionally other joints are playing up. Could this be arthritis?

It’s all starting to go and of course I should take it as a sign to increase my exercise – specifically weights and yoga.

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