Annihilation, the movie

The Southern Reach trilogy moved me so much that i even wrote a short blog about it three years ago. I’ve been looking forward to the movie as well but unfortunately my expectations were not met.

While the movie did successfully evoke the beauty and strangeness of the landscape within Area X, it didnt get anywhere close enough to the terrors within it and the team. The tower/tunnel, the implanted hypnotic suggestions were all missing replaced instead by pointless flashbacks to the biologist’s relationship with her husband.

Worse still was the ending which completely deviated from the books. The confrontation with an alien, the victory and then the final oh but actually the monster is still alive “revelation” felt cheap.

It’s a pity that Netflix didnt step in earlier to actually produce this movie  – maybe it would have resulted in something that might have looked less beautiful but had more substance.

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