Pitch – nearly perfect

I went to the Pitch Music and Arts Festival last weekend with a certain amount of trepidation. It is a newish festival – this year being its second. I was worried that the festival would like Rainbow Serpent and Babylon be full of aggressive, wasted bros. I was hoping that best case, it would instead like Strawberry Fields be attended by unfriendly, wasted schoolies. I had zero hopes that it would have the engaged, friendly and clean crowd that attended Tanglewood.

Fortunately, what I found instead was that while predominantly young, the crowd was there for the music. That meant that they weren’t wasted (you can’t really appreciate the subtleties of your favorite artists performance if you are wasted) and keen to talk about who they were going to see next and why. Rubbish was still a problem when compared with Tanglewood (close to zero rubbish on the d’floor and campsites) and Burning Seed (zero waste everywhere) – though not so much as Rainbow and Babylon which were frankly write-offs as far as audience waste is concerned. However at Pitch, while nowhere close to perfect, I saw many incidents of people picking up after themselves often not even their own rubbish.

The music was great – the acts they selected represented the new wave of dance music, acts that were committed to exploring and discovering new ways of expression. For the first time, I felt like I was actually at a music festival and not just at a very long party.

I will certainly be returning next year. And I am hoping that the bros will not start going there too.

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