Bye bye van

After sinking way too much money into my third car, a 2002 VW transporter van, we’ve decided to finally get rid of it. It felt like a cliched bad relationship, where the errant partner promises to behave given another chance only to let you down a few months down the track. Before you know it, the best years of your life has passed. And as with most of those scenarios, the van looked so good on paper – a diesel engine with 230k km, an engine we reconditioned with a new pump. All of  it should have seen us drive it easily for the next 250k km. But instead, it just kept getting worse with a mysterious starting problem (it only starts when the engine is cold) that saw us spend another lot of money on it in a hope of finding out what is wrong. Fortunately, nobody could – so we’re getting rid of it as is for a tiny amount.

I can’t wait for electric cars to become more affordable and common-place – their mechanical simplicity  should make them much more reliable. In the meantime, we’ve bought a toyota hi-ace – the byword for reliability here in Australia. Of course it is second hand and of  course it came with a mysterious check engine light error that the mechanics think are to do with the dual fuel conversion. So it’s not the best start.

Anyway, this van follows in the vein of all my previous two: expensive, unreliable and almost the cost of the purchase price in mechanics bills.  We’ve decided to put the car into my partner’s name. She’s had much better luck.

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