Empire’s end


When Trump becomes President of the United States, the true cost of the way elite Americans and the system they have created treat other Americans will start to be counted.

When Trump becomes President, the US will start building walls. His presidency will see tariffs on imports being put up. Immigration (legal or otherwise) will be vastly reduced. Walls between communities based on racial based definitions of shared values will be made greatly more acceptable. The ruinous arrogance of interventionist American foreign policy will cease. The States will crawl into a cave and lick the multitude self-inflicted wounds it has accumulated over the last few decades.

Behind its walls, prices will go up, employment will go down, government debt will accelerate once more, services will be cut and pretty much everyone will suffer. But the sales of guns will continue to accelerate and community violence will increase.

That is of course assuming that Trump doesn’t turn out to be the same as everyone else of his class and go back on his promises.



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