Loving Big Brother


There’s only 2 articles written during June 2014 in this blog but they are well worth reading and pretty much encapsulates how I feel about the spiritual wellness business that’s sprung up like mushrooms everywhere. The writer calls it the Spiritual Industrial Complex which is also very cool.

First there’s this epic rant wonderfully titled Yoga-Whoring, MacMindfulness & the Spiritual Industrial Complex where the writer calls for all teachers and practitioners to pretty much stop servicing corporations, businesses and any other organisation involved in perpetuating suffering. Good heady stuff!

Second there’s this equally epic call for teachers and practitioners to take a good hard look at themselves namely: Is your spirituality bullshit? There are 11 questions in this post, each of them as cool as the first. My favourite is this beauty of a sentence within the question: Acceptance or Passivity?

“Real spirituality looks the dying kid on the poster in the eye, feels the fucking burn and feels compelled to act. Compassion is just a rumour until it’s in the muscle.”


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