Where has the magic gone?

I can’t remember when I got my first set of Lego bricks and even who gave them to me. One day, hundreds of them appeared in two multi-compartment organisers and for the next decade or so until my mid-teens, they were part of my life. I built houses, space-ships, robots, race-cars and cities. I’d never heard of mini-figurines, so each of the one-by-one pieces became people. In many ways, as I struggled to realise my vision with that set, constantly frustrated by the numbers and types of pieces available (for some reason I never thought to ask for more bricks) , Lego shaped me.

Last year, roughly thirty years later, on a whim after spending some hours with my nephew over Xmas with his sets, I bought a couple of large classic sets. I’ve since supplemented them with a couple of large base-plates and a couple of extra windows-and-doors sets. But I haven’t really spent more that a couple of hours building anything with them. Every now and then I might toy with a couple of pieces but that’s about it. The occasional child who visits gets much more use than I do.

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