Thank you but …

… I’d rather make my own drink. Fix my own food. Bring my own stuff. Sleep in my own space.

I’m sure others have pointed this out before but having subscribed completely to the “Radical Self-Reliance” principle of Burning Man/Seed, I found the receiving end of the “Gifting” principle to be almost completely redundant. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m very particular fussy.

Still it begged the question that if all attendees were radically self-reliant why would anyone accept any gift – seeing as that gift would likely be completely useless and become MOOP either on or off site. And if we’re talking about non-physical gifts (ie services not goods), then there’s a thin line between one person’s offer of a massage gift and another person’s definition of inappropriate sexual advances, one camp’s offer of amazing 24 hour music and another camper’s experience of never-ending noise spun by talentless wankers on too much speed.

Obviously, I’m not very good at the principle of “Radical Inclusion” or at least the acceptance that it implies and to a degree, I see a natural barrier to the practice of “Radical Inclusion” when “Radical Self-Expression” is practiced, well, radically. (cf: Shirt Cocker)

Nonetheless in the spirit of things, I did manage to push gift my highly caffeinated experiment on a bunch of people. The full set consists of all of the below:

  • one velvety vietnamese Trung Nguyen Gourmet blend coffee using a phin filter dropping into condensed milk
  • one glass containing ice
  • one shot glass containing single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee cold-extracted into small batch vodka
  • one home made gluten-free cacao coconut honey cookie as dense as a moonless night

The general process being to down the milk coffee in one gulp, drop the ice in the shot and chase with it and then reflectively chew on the cookie as you feel the vodka burn all the way down. People were encouraged to try different ways but that seemed to be the best.

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