Burning Man (kinda)

We’ll be packing up our van and heading almost 6 hours north to the Australian version of the famous Burning Man festival. It’s called Burning Seed and will go for around 6 days starting tomorrow. It has the same ten principles that Burning Man has and like all grand motherhood statements, it’s hard to tell what it all means until you see it in action. Given that Burning Seed has been going now for around 4 or 5 years, it should be stable enough to see how those principles translate to Australia especially as some of them are almost a given these days even if the practice is not as consistent as it should be (leave no trace for example).

This will be my first festival “Burn” and I am looking forward to it, not so much because it has the Burning Man brand (so to speak) but because it will be a new festival for me and located in a new site. There’s a lot to be said for novelty now that I’ve been going to outdoor festivals for more than a decade. Plus I’m interested in how the open framework format could work in a more party focused setting (as opposed to Confest which strictly constrains its framework to workshops only). Can groups of people wanting only to throw parties and create art at their own cost actually create a good overall festival experience?

To get into the spirit of things, I’ll be running “gifting” a small portable Vietnamese pavement cafe: 4 phin filters and a few short plastic stools. The only item I will be serving is Cà phê sữa nóng: hot vietnamese coffee dripped onto condensed milk.

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