Let the door hit you where the good lord split you

Lest anyone out of the spirit of pure human compassion feel sorry (or even worse nostalgic) for this person in what is probably the lowest moment of their life, let’s remember that even at 4 days short of 2 years (the shortest term an Australian PM has survived besides Harold Holt drowning and the Kevin’s failed second try), it was way past time for this rotten coal-industry attack-dog lackey to go.

As the single person who never failed to coward-punch his political opponents time and time again while in opposition, who demonstrated the same unthinking partisan aggression right through his term as PM, who always smirked when any real human being would have cried instead, Tony Abbott should never have been in power in the first place.

The only good that Abbott and Hockey has done is demonstrate how corrupt and compromised the Coalition has become. Too bad we still have to wait another year or so to get rid of the rest of the rubbish.

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