A change of heart?

It would be nice to think that a single photo of a drowned toddler has washed away decades of brainwashing and scaremongering by successive Australian governments, that the majority of Australian people have finally realised that people don’t get on boats because they want jump a queue, but because they are generally desperate, that a unilateral “solution” capable of being summarised in three words, is nothing more than shifting the problem to another usually poorer country.

But I doubt it.

Inevitably, someone prominent enough to be noticed by the media will say what has been etched into the Australian consciousness: “If you don’t want to drown, don’t get on a boat.”

Oh wait, Andrew Bolt has already done it.

It’s too easy to blame Bolt by the way. He is one of the most popular columnists out there for a good reason – he accurately reflects the dark heart of the Australian mainstream right wing. Outside of the inner city echo-chambers, the rest of Australia is pretty much Bolt country. For that reason alone, he is worth reading.