Border Farce

The first dog on the moon as usual gets it right about our jack-booted papers-checking “migration” officials. To be honest, when I first heard about it last Friday, I thought it was a slander perpetuated by the fringe-lefty types you see hanging around outside Student Union buildings and various street-corners. Surely, I thought, there is a limit to how low the Federal Government can sink. Turns out I was wrong. Having no leadership on the top, they have no bottom.

I also thought that I’d reached the limit to the amount of loathing I have for this government. I thought that my current state of exhausted emotional flat-lining whenever our government committed yet another idiotic heartless action was here to stay. But again, I was wrong. Border farce actually made me for the first time, fear for my personal safety in this country. No, I don’t mean that I am afraid of migrants stealing jobs or terrorists blowing me up, I am actually for the first time afraid of our government and what it might do to me.

Because, you see, I don’t buy it for a second that the release was poorly worded. I actually do believe that if Abbott had his way, there would be Feds on city corners demanding to see the passports of the non-whites walking by.