Love is not zero sum

Some weekends ago, I went to two dinner parties with two different couples. In one, the couple announced their engagement. In the other, the couple talked about the merits of buying an apartment versus a house. In Australia currently, the latter couple would never be able to do what the first couple did.

Nonetheless, there is an air of inevitability that they will soon enough. The support for gay marriage is increasing every year as more and more understand that marriage is not a zero-sum game but positive: as more people who value it participate in the tradition, its strength grows. Sure, the tradition itself will change and I guess that’s the thing opposing conservatives fear (as they do pretty much everything else), that the change will make it something unrecognizable. I have little patience with that attitude: western marriage has been changing as a cultural practice for quite some time.

Anyway, I am hoping that the Australian public aren’t fooled by Tony Abbot’s plebiscite ploy to silence the issue prior to the elections. His choice would be very clear: allow a conscience vote to his party and clear the policy decks for the election or risk losing the elections on the matter of marriage equality.

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