Netflix’s killer app

Like many households, I joined Netflix Australia and Stan as soon as they became available. After a couple of months, even through Stan appears to have more content hours, I dropped Stan and upgraded my subscription with Netflix from $8.99 to $11.99 a month (this gets me HD views).


It’s because Netflix understood pretty early on that it is pretty pointless having thousands of hours of content when your viewers don’t know which one will suit them. On Stan, I was drowning in content and found it hard to choose between hundreds of titles I’d not heard of. But on Netflix, every time you rate a TV show (1-5 stars), movie or documentary on Netflix, it knows a bit more about what you like and indicates on new shows how much it thinks you will like them. Its matching algorithm takes into account what millions of other users have indicated as well as what you state your tastes are.

So far, not only has the rating system been pretty accurate, I’ve also watched a bunch of documentaries and movies that I would not have considered and have really enjoyed them. And because Netflix keeps helpfully throwing up a host of shows every time you’ve watched one, my list of shows to watch keeps growing.

Add into that the quality of its original content, It’s not surprising that Netflix has grown to become one of the biggest and most loved media companies in the world.

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