Beyond the rainbow

For the first time in many years, I am not buying early bird tickets to Rainbow Serpent. I’ve been to nine now – my first one was in 2006 and I started blogging about it in 2007 – and it is time for a break. I am planning Australia Day weekend in Tasmania instead. I haven’t been to MONA and it has been years since I’ve been to Hobart.

I had a great Rainbow last year but it was the first good one in some time. In fact, looking at my past blogs about RSF, I seem to have spent more time reflecting on how it hadn’t worked for me than how it had. So, in many ways this has been a long time coming.

The main reason why I am looking for something different this year is because Rainbow has become the same predictable thing for me. This makes it a great product – you know what you’re getting and the crew can keep investing and improving the site, facilities and the festival itself. But it also makes it routine and the magic usually fades from the routine. You know how it goes:

  • Thursday night opening parties at various theme camps
  • Friday night parties with various friends who have arrived
  • Saturday opening ceremony and the main stage
  • Sunday Market madness during the day
  • Monday Market madness (though not as mad anymore as the organisers are trying to chill that scene)

In between time, there’s the chai tent, more very crowded theme camp parties, dress-ups, dance-floor picnics and much wandering around. If it’s hot, there’s the Saturday pool party.

It all sounds good until it doesn’t.

So this year, my festival agenda looks like this:

  • Burning Seed in early October
  • Woodford over New Years
  • Mona over Australia Day
  • Maitreya (maybe)
  • Easter Confest

See you on the dance-floor!

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