Other people’s rubbish

On Saturday, I bought a long handled pair of garbage tongs from Bunnings for nearly $40. In this day and age of cheap goods from China, it seemed stupidly expensive but I’d looked at some in $2 shops and they were so flimsy that a set of BBQ tongs would have been far better. Anyway, this set was reassuringly steady, lightweight with a great grip and action. Clearly, the company who’d designed it had thought about what would work well for those poor buggers council-workers and cleaning contractors tasked to pick up syringes and other worse items from parks and gardens in Melbourne.

My job was far better: the Tate Reserve (see photo above from when the Merri creek flooded two years ago) or at least the sheltered portion of which is directly behind our house which has been used by children from a nearby school as their getaway for the last few months. As a consequence, it has become littered with chip packets, sandwich bags, lunch wrappers and the like. I filled up three plastic shopping bags worth on Sunday. I expect that sudden cleanliness won’t dissuade the miscreant but as I also found a parent/teacher interview schedule from July this year with a name on it, I’ve an avenue to pursue if the littering continues.

The tongs now hang next to the back gate as a reminder for when I go for walks along the trail.

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