You know you’re a middle-aged leftie when …

… you start listening to Radio National and muttering back to it whenever someone from the right dares voice an opinion.

My retreat from the internet has finally reached its redoubt: the radio. This is an actual radio and not a podcast. It is not streamed from the internet, but is receiving broadcasts from a very large antennae somewhere in Melbourne. Plus, I’m not listening to it while driving, I am listening to it in the kitchen during breakfast and while preparing our evening meals.

Last night I listened to some idiot Anglican priest going on about how he now has to oppose marriage in principle, a philosopher muse in repetitive circles about the nature of evil and a bunch of short-sighted hawks complain about the nuclear deal with Iran. I was bored and annoyed at times, occasionally entertained but always informed. Better yet, because my hands were busy as I bustled around the kitchen, it was easy to coast through the dull bits – and those never lasted very long.

In fact, RN is so good, I might take up woodworking or something so I can keep listening to it later in the evenings instead of switching on the TV.

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