The Entreprenaurcalypse

Back in the 1920s before the entreprenaurcalypse, businessman and investor Joseph P Kennedy said that he knew it was time to exit the stock-market when his shoe-shine boy started giving him tips. Now, in the middle of the never-ending horrors of the 24-hour self-promotion cycle, suburban-level Tedx’s spreading like chlamydia and start-up colonies cannibalising entire villages in South East Asia, I am still waiting for the equivalent tell-tale sign that we have reached the apex (or climax if you will) of this particularly narcissistic circle-jerk echo-chamber.

But I wait in vain, every time I think it can’t get any more ridiculous, it does.

And finally, a recent study on the failure rate of startup businesses, the reasons for failure (incompetence) and leading management mistakes (going into business for the wrong reasons*) with additional bonus table on which business sector has the highest chance of surviving past 4 years.

* wanting to call yourself an entrepreneur probably qualifies

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