The uncanny accuracy of related posts

I switched on the related posts functionality in wordpress today just to find out how on earth the system was going to make sense of my completely uncategorised and often rambling storehouse of 500 plus posts over the last ten years. To my surprise, the posts it pulled out were actually related.

I don’t write this blog thinking that I am ever going to trawl through it from start to end. I hardly ever read something I have written again but every time I have done it, I’ve been glad to have written the post in the first place. The related posts function has made my blog accessible to me in a way I’d not imagined.

For example, my last post on masculinity led me to my first post on joining a men’s group in 2005 and that in turn led me to another post in 2011 of when I was starting one up of my own. Reading through them made me realize how much I have changed in that time.

If nothing else, it’s made me glad that I haven’t spent all that effort categorizing my posts.

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