Abbott’s revival

The latest poll-bludger shows that Abbott has consolidated his lead over Bill Shorten as preferred PM. Since Australia Day, Abbott has clawed back almost 14% to now lead Bill Shorten as preferred PM by 3.8%. Back in January, Abbott’s captain’s pick to award some english royal person an AO pushed him to around -11%.

Contrast this to the increasingly crazy statements issuing like vomit out of Abbott’s mouth and you can see that there is method in his madness. Abbott and his marketing team is now placing all their bets on a single strategy:

  • Assume the right-wing / conservative base will not risk voting Labour (or Greens)
  • Appeal to the denialist nut-jobs, the racists and the fearful

The depressing thing is that while it is working, we can all expect more extreme intolerant “policies” from our government. The only good news is that I can’t really despise Abbott and his government any more than I do already. I was honestly surprised that the strip Australian citizenship move only applied to people with dual-citizenship. C’mon Abbott ya wuss, why not create stateless people out of those worthless scumbags?

And no, don’t even mention Bill Shorten. Srsly WTF?!!?

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