Fading from Facebook

Over the last few months, I’ve cut my Facebook time pretty much to events/invites only (which I find essential). It was a pretty organic process. It started with getting rid of my smartphone, progressed to forgetting my Facebook login on my work computer and now has extended to no longer having a tablet. My blog is linked to Facebook and it gets a few hits when I sporadically post but that’s pretty much it from me these days – no more photos, no more links to interesting articles, no more likes and comments (and then comments back to comments), no more wondering what the hell happened to the last half-hour.

However, just because I don’t miss the Facebook feed (and all that other stuff I just mentioned) doesn’t mean I am anti-Facebook. If anything, I love the events functionality Facebook provides even more now that I am not distracted by the feed. I just wish the non-Facebook holdouts I know will join up so I can conveniently invite them to stuff.

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