Confest and after

Well, that was a good Confest.

It had nothing new in particular but small improvements were noticeable. The extra 2 days were much appreciated. The toilets were nicer and even had sinks. The parking for car-free had marked out lanes. There was a drumming village with all of the good drummers back again after a year’s absence. There was even a bonfire in the centre of the market on Monday night and for awhile it seemed like old times with drummers and dancers going at it till dawn.

Not that I stayed up at all. I managed to clock in between 8 to 10 hours of sleep almost every night. To be honest, I can’t really say what I did except hang out with friends, cook and go to the Arts Village for the steam tent, the river and the hot-tub. I managed to have a few conversations with a few people I didn’t already know. On the whole, I just got really relaxed.

For me, that’s the whole point of Confest – just enough activity around to stave off boredom with all of the beautiful nothingness of camping in the bush with friends. However, given how good a time I had at Confest, the comedown was tougher than any of the other festivals I’ve been to this year and it’s brought to my attention how much of the drive I have at work is due to a certain amount of internal tension. Confest was way too effective in uncoiling that and the process of re-engaging with work activities is taking a long time as any activity not involving building a fire and sitting in the bush seems a little pointless.

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