Myers Briggs Revisited

A few years ago I got interested in the Myers Briggs types indicator as part of a HR exercise done at my work at that time. I came in as ENFP. That was pretty much the time when I was very much into partying and a social/support group I was involved in. Recently, I took the test again and came in as ENTJ. Granted that I took the test with my workplace firmly in mind, it came as a surprise to me how my parameters have changed.

Bearing in mind the Forer effect, reading both profiles nonetheless reminded me of how much I have actually changed in those years. There are still many aspects of my party-going / socialite persona in me but work has become a lot more central in my life and the ENTJ profile was remarkably accurate. When I read it to my partner, she laughed at how uncannily congruent some of the phrases were especially in this particular ENTJ version.

The profile also had a list of strengths and weaknesses and given that the rest of it was pretty accurate, I couldn’t dismiss the weaknesses either. The list made for sober reading and elicited the same amount of recognition too – albeit less pleasant recognition. Anyway, even if the whole lot of it is hokum (and there is a part of me that would like to dismiss it as such), being presented with recognizable weaknesses opens the way to growth and I’m not going to avoid that.

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