3 days of dieting

Data dieting that is.

Due to a feature of Optus’s data usage graphs, I miscalculated my 1 GB quota usage and found myself short 3 days. That meant 3 whole days where I had no mobile data connectivity! The last time that happened in Australia outside of hippie festivals was in 2005 – those dark dark days before I got an O2 XDA Atom running Windows Mobile dragging down data through a GPRS connection.

Yeah, I know it’s nothing compared to this dude who went offline for a whole year.

Given that I have been pretty much a component of the Borg overmind for 8 years, being three days with only wired access wasn’t quite the disaster one would expect. I managed to get to my destinations without Google map. I managed to remember to synch my to-do-lists assiduously and the couple of hours in transit during which I had no access to my mail, news & social feeds didn’t quite result in existential crisis.

It did make me feel a little warmer and less cynical towards Mark Zuckerberg’s impassioned connect the world project though. After all, first world liberal bleeding hearts can only ever recognise projected suffering: ZOMG brwn peeplez wid no internetz!

But I learnt a lesson! Life without mobile-data is actually a little better than with. Not counting Google maps, everything else was quite good. I loaded up on Readability long form articles and read them (or books) while tram-ing. Reading started to take the form of thousands of words instead of scattered random snippets of 140 chars.

So, I’m going to take a cheaper phone plane and go down to 500 MB per month. ZOMG!

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