Plan A

Some years back, when we started on Plan B (where “B” stood for “baby”), we knew that there was always a possibility we would have to revert to Plan A. The “A” we told each other, stood for “Adventure”.  It was a good enough word and served its purpose well. It reminded us that having children was not the only life option available and in fact was probably not even the best option* available.

Now with a bit more time under the belt, I’m beginning to grapple much more seriously with Plan A.

An individual’s meaning for living isn’t exactly something I expect to come to overnight. My feeling is that this will become one of the not-so-hidden themes of this theme-less blog. To a certain degree, my search for meaning has popped up every now and then. How could it not? But I don’t think I’ve ever really called it out so directly in these posts and as a consequence of that to myself.

Time to start.

* This is not to say that Plans A and B are incompatible. However I’ll leave the ruminating on achieving Plan A while on Plan B to others more qualified for the task.


2 thoughts on “Plan A

  1. […] Given that I have been pretty much a component of the Borg overmind for 8 years, being three days with only wired access wasn’t quite the disaster one would expect. I managed to get to my destinations without Google map. I managed to remember to synch my to-do-lists assiduously and the couple of hours in transit during which I had no access to my mail, news & social feeds didn’t quite result in existential crisis. […]

  2. […] was a certain amount of sadness and regret. The kittens for me somehow signposts the true end of Plan B. I had not thought there was as large a portion of myself that still held on. Over the weekend, as […]

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