Only 8 years

Every now and then I think about how long I have been blogging and look through my original blog’s clunky Livejournal interface to find out. Today I did a little more as I found out that WordPress has a nice import function. Turns out I have written just over 500 entries in the last eight years – or slightly over 1 post per week although as with everything, there’s been peaks and troughs.

It feels like I have been blogging for much longer than eight years. Skipping through some of the first entries helped place the early days: I’d just moved into Thornbury and had a lot to write about. I didn’t linger but fast forwarded at random until I found this gem about why men fail to see dirt or any reason to fuss about it.  I wrote it attempting the style of the recently departed grandmaster Jack Vance.

Reading it now more than a few years later, it is far clumsier than I’d like it to be but still, I think that I hit on a couple of truths there.


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