A real boy


We all know the story don’t we?

A wooden puppet somehow becomes self-aware and realises that there is another level of existence beyond mere consciousness: the supreme state of a real boy. He then spends the majority of his existence striving and failing to get there. The real miracle, the fact that a puppet has somehow come alive, is quickly forgotten.

By ignoring the happy ending, wouldn’t you say that trajectory has a familiar feel to it?

True, it’s not easy being a self-aware puppet.

You now have to deal with emotions, thoughts and worse of all, a complete inability to lie effectively. The logical question is why you aren’t wishing to return to your original wooden inanimate state when things were so much simpler but instead trying to complicate your life even more by becoming a real boy.

But then, maybe reality isn’t what you really want. How can you know what being a real boy actually means? You have never been anything but a puppet after all. Face it, all your strivings and struggling to achieve the impossible status of reality is nothing more than an attempt to revert to your previous unconscious state.

But you don’t really want to know the true implications of that path. Finally, you have found a way of lying effectively.

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