Hippies and a harmonica

No the two above aren’t actually related except that I saw a lot of  the former and resolved to learn how play the latter at the New Year Confest.

I’ve been going to Confest for some years and it occurred to me that like many of its committee members, the festival itself appears to be slipping into a form of dotage. This year, the Fire Village and the Silent Disco disappeared resulting in much of the fun in the festival being around gentle swimming and crafty activities (mostly involving nudity) in the Art Village followed by some mild sipping of chai at the Holy Cow Chai Tent and maybe a couple of hours cackling at the variety show within the comedy tent. Of course, there’s endless bouts of tantra workshops (a form of hippie Viagra) and leering at nubile young things available in between, so if Confest was a person, it would be a rather smelly dirty old man.

But that’s ok because you know what, I had a great time camping with some close friends, enjoying the unusually clement weather and meeting the eclectic bunch of strangers you tend to find at Confest. I will also be returning in Easter – hopefully with more friends.

As for the harmonica, I’ve since bought a diatonic Hohner Blues Harp in G.


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