Having owned a PS3 for a couple of months now, I’m having to admit that it was a bit of a waste of money. I just don’t have the time at home to use it. Being connected to the TV, it takes second priority after TV. In fact, this is true even when I’m alone. I’d be lucky to get an hour of PS3 console gaming a week.

This is not true for my Android phone. I probably spend a couple of hours a day on this thing. And sometimes, if the TV isn’t that interesting, I’ll grind through a couple more levels while my partner keeps up with the TV. The smartphone is just so much easier to pull out and play on. Also, I’m really not that into the huge 3rd or 1st person 3d immersive action gaming that console and PC gaming seems to be all about.

Looking through the kind of games I do enjoy – they mostly seem to be either resource management simulations (yes, Kairosoft), graphics rich turn-based strategies (Majesty is fantastic) and RPGs (preferably rogue-like, never JRPGs so far). Kairosoft’s Dungeon Village was a fantastic mash-up and I would love a grown-up version of that game. The occasional tower defence get a play too.

But it’s the RPGs that I enjoy at least until I discover most of the strategies involved in gear, stats and abilities and the endless grinding bores me away to something else.

Does it have to be that way? Borderlands is a PS3 FPS RPG sci-fi genre mashup that understands one crucial thing about RPGs: it is all about the loot and I include spells and spells books in this category.

There must be lots of loot, they must be complex and have interesting attributes, they must be attractively and imaginatively designed, ideally loot should stack and combine so that you are motivated to collect sets of loot. There must be unique loot items, loot that you can craft, loot that you can only get if you steal from or kill its owner. If an RPG can mash-up castle/lair building with loot gathering, they’ll have a winner. After all, once you run out of body parts to decorate with loot, what better than an entire castle?

One day …

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