Feed your head

Drugs are pretty cool.

By that I do not mean the stuff that gap toothed junkies shoot up or smoke or whatever. Or the stuff that people snort because it feels good. I’m talking about the mind expanding ones, the ones that honest-to-god mother-fucking shamans have been taking since a hungry ape ate some cactus or a mushroom that didn’t kill it.

I’m talking about those powerful substances that combined with the right setting will take you straight to the TRUTH or something that feels so much like the truth when you’re in the grip of the trip it makes no difference.

I’m talking about a gateway to an experience so profound that the person who comes out the other side is forever and ever different.

That’s the kinda cool I’m talking about, gedwatimsayin?

So, once you’ve been changed, once it’s happened, once the veils of perception are forever and ever torn asunder, is there any reason to keep going back? Is there any reason to take that drug over and over again?

7 thoughts on “Feed your head

  1. At the risk of once again missing pop-cultural references, my experience is that in the case of LSD you really need to drop some each weekend if you want to keep the wisdom momentum going. Hope this helps.

    1. I haven’t touched the stuff in years but I was never that committed to it – I found the recovery period too terrible to be worth it. I see lots of people I know really getting into ayawaska circles however and am just not convinced. Maybe I should give it a go.

  2. Hi Jonckher,
    It’s been a long long time ago but I took a couple of magic mushroom trips in my middle 20’s. It was a good experience, but not so much for my friend who with me shared the tea. I guess the conditions are important; state of mind, a supportive environment, etc. But how often does one need the experience? I don’t know. I guess it’s different for everyone. Since it’s been 25 years or so for me, it’s probably high time.
    Can it be over done? After recently watching a Ram Dass documentary, I say yes indeed. All that moksha medicine doesn’t seem to have helped him one bit.
    I’m not familiar at all with ayawaska, what do you know about it?

    1. hi danny,

      I haven’t done it myself but there’s been a spate of ayahuasca rituals here in Australia. From what I’ve heard, it’s very well set-up with a lot of support for the participants. It’s certainly not a party – it’s all very spiritual focussed. People I know report experiencing life-changing epiphanies that if one takes away the other effects (nausea, diarrhoea, hallucinations) do not appear all the different from those experienced in a long meditation retreat.

      Personally, I think drugs are a shortcut that mostly lead to dependence and addiction. But, I am also aware that’s due partly to personal experience but mostly my buddhist prejudices.

  3. I’m pretty green here. My experience with Buddhism (only the last couple of years) and meditation (just a bit longer), has come only through books and hanging around a couple of websites. My only retreats have been thru Tricycle on-line.
    Can you tell me more about a “long meditation retreat”? How long? I don’t know anything about them. Can you really experience thru them altered perception something like taking LSD? How often might one do, or need to do, a long meditation retreat?

    1. hi Danny

      People go for months on meditation retreats.

      I’ve never done that myself and I would classify a 10 day silent retreat as long. No doubt many would disagree. There are SN Goenka Vipassana centres all over the world that run 10 day silent retreats pretty much back to back – the cost is by donation at the end of the retreat. It’s an ok technique and suits some more than others.

      You don’t get the pretty colours of course but you can get pretty powerful experiences while meditating. For myself, I find that after meditating for 5-6 days in one of these retreats, I can get to the lower “jhanas” as they are called in Buddhism by day 7 or 8.

      It’s kinda cool the first time but after that, I’ve not found them to serve much use for myself.

  4. hello Jonckher,

    The silent meditation retreat sounds pretty rough. Hard to get away for 10 days in a row, too. If some feel like they need to reach these mental states on a fairly regular basis (?) I can see why they might go for the one night of controlled psychedelics instead…

    I know Robert suggests one LSD trip per week, but maybe once or twice is enough afterall…


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