Chop chop

I’ve finally got rid of pretty much all of the trees at my place both in the front yard and the back yard.

The jacarandah still stands of course and the funny tree that has entwined itself under it. But the old apricot tree, the huge weedy thing that has eaten the shed and most of the back fence has gone – taking with it the back fence and the shed as well. So there’s stacks of room and light in the backyard.

The front yard is now feeling very exposed but it means that we can start thinking about what to do for the front fence. A high fence will block light but reduce noise and increase privacy. A low fence will do the reverse. Not sure yet – one will help make a vegie garden, the other will probably result in a fernery. Or maybe there should just be lemon and olive trees.

As usual, anything that we do to the house has a tinge of sadness for me. But on the whole, it’s a good thing to let in the light, to clear out the old garden and to start planning a new one.

2 thoughts on “Chop chop

  1. i always thought that those wall type rain water tanks along the front fence line would block the traffic noise and store water. i wouldnt be growing veges out there with all the traffic pollution anyway.

    1. Well, there’s a nice tall picket fence there, sunflowers growing and a couple of citrus saplings being espaliered. I’ve also set up an automatic watering system for both the front and back.

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