For the longest time, I never got this modern fascination with zombies. The fad itself seemed zombie-like: it just kept shuffling on and on in unending boring decay. Then, I watched a scene from the Walking Dead where a bunch of zombies hammered away at the entrance of a department store.

Yeah, pretty obvious isn’t it?

It doesn’t really matter how much a zombie consumes, what it consumes is never going to turn it back into a human. A zombie wants brains but what it needs is a cure.

And it  never stops either, it just keeps going and going. Until a human blows it away. But zombies are innumerable and interchangeable. Every time you put one down, a hundred spring up in its place. It’s a no win situation.

There will always be more zombies than humans.

So, how are you handling your zombie apocalypse?

2 thoughts on “Zombies!

  1. I never got the fascination with zombies either, and I even wrote a little poem about zombies once and didn’t know it. Sheesh! — Now i get it. Thank’s for pointing out the obvious…….you perform a great service to folks like me, keep up the good work!

    As for handling zombies, I find labeling them “zombie, zombie” most effective. They vanish pretty quickly, but on bad days they keep popping up again, so more often I just count them off in batches of ten. Usually they get quiet then move off into the distance. I dunno, is that morally wrong? Should I be doing more? Zombies can be pretty boring, sometimes they put me to sleep. I wonder what that means?

    In speaking of dining habits, one question comes to mind: if “things go better with Coke,” do zombies go better with “Dr. Pepper”?

    1. Thanks Ricanicca – glad you’re enjoying my posts so far. Nice moniker btw.

      I’m pretty good at not buying stuff I don’t need but very very bad at managing my device addiction. Gargh! Blogs! News-feeds! Weather reports! Stupid random rewards smartphone game! Gargh!

      Honestly, it’s pretty embarrassing.

      Also, IMO, Dr Pepper only goes better with certain types of zombies.

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